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By The Fortnite Team

Yautja photographers,

We asked everyone to share their best Fortography from Stealthy Stronghold and/or using the Predator Outfit. Your photos impressively made us feel like the famous Yautja’s prey, recreating some of his most memorable moments.

Before we get into some of our favorites, let’s discuss our next Fortography theme: architecture! We want to see what grand building you can construct using only Wood, Stone, and/or Metal. Think you can make a five-star hotel or recreate one of the Wonders of the World? Share us a picture of it on Twitter by using the #Fortography hashtag!

Now for your pictures of Predator:

Swim with caution. Photo by @ExclusiveFlexer.

Hear him click. Photo by @TiannaCarinax.

You’re one smiley Predator! Photo by @GaryTheCreator.

A good time to put down the camera. Photo by @PurpCubeTrooper.

Hunter’s Arsenal on Hunter’s Arsenal. Photo by @Darthanaarx.

Target acquired. Photo by @HeyWerewolf.

Wake-up alarm. Photo by @ThatTofly.

The helmet is off. Photo by @Tiltedzz.

Bio-helmet back online. Photo by @Nocha_Prod.

gamer need improvement in other games too